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surgery in the house of dissection

so apparently as of yesterday i'm a journalist



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so apparently as of yesterday i'm a journalist
  • Congratulations! My parents are both journalists so they wish you luck as well.
  • (no subject) - dar_actually
    • i just work the copy desk at the cincinnati enquirer right now, i don't actually write anything as of yet
  • Post a scan or link to your journalistic work.
    I'm interested...
    • some of the headlines in the cincinnati enquirer are mine, but i don't do much else writing-wise
  • Dude awesome! Details?
    • i graduated yesterday and i'm one of the lucky few who have a job right out the gate at the cincinnati enquirer on the copy desk
  • Welcome to the world of journalism! It's kind of a hard time to get in this field, but I think there will always be a place for editors and writers. I wish I could say the same for page designers like me :( Our newspaper had layoffs last year where we cut 43% of our staff.

    Good luck and hopefully your paper keeps going strong.

    P.S. #APstylebitches
  • Grats, Brotel Rwanda.
  • Get sucked back into the City did you.

    At least I hope you blew up the bar and cussed out the toll worker on the way in.
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