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jesus god somehow i've acquired an insane backlog



jesus god somehow i've acquired an insane backlog

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for immediate consumption:

legend of zelda: majora's mask (in progress)
LA noire (in progress but on hold- will continue after getting final DLC, which comes out tomorrow)

i plan to switch off on these two until one or the other is finished (LA noire more likely)

beyond that, i currently have every zelda game up to and including twilight princess (gamecube version) with phantom hourglass on the way (thank you amazon gift card)

yes yes i know some zelda fans are going to get all poopsy on me about some of the zelda games, but i've made it my goal to play through them all (not counting re-releases/remakes- whether it's emulation or a physical copy, it's first editions all the way, baby)

other than the zelda series, i also have to go through...

metroid prime trilogy- hopefully metroid prime 2 will suck less on the wii
metroid other M- shut up i have to judge for myself, and i only spent $20

i'm debating on whether to couch these in a straight up marathon that includes the older games (as if i needed a reason to play super metroid again)

FEAR marathon- FEAR 3 comes out tomorrow and i've already installed the first two games; once i finish LA noire this will probably be what i switch off with zelda with

bioshock 2: minerva's den: on backburner; i don't want to uninstall because getting the DLC was a raging pain in the ass, but it was an unfortunate victim of coming out the day i got a ps3

deus ex marathon (read: human revolution and DX1): human revolution in august for sure- that's the game i've been waiting all year for; DX1, not sure if i'm jumping right into that or waiting for fall

speaking of deus ex, another runthrough of vampire: bloodlines sounds just lovely and i've been putting it off for too long

fallout 2: need to do this sometime before the end of the year, so i can get started on new!fallout starting next year; i'm so glad i cut fallout tactics from the roster

final fantasy XIII: yes i bought this motherfuckers

final fantasy VII: debating on when to play this

afraid of monsters: will probably do this for halloween alongside bloodlines, if i don't do thief or something

batman: arkham city: i guess i gotta ask for SOMETHING for christmas

more long-term prospects

metal gear solid marathon: waiting on that HD collection to come out

duke nukem forever: waaaaaay on the backburner, it's not a bad game but why would i play it when i have so many other, better games to play instead?

stalker: shadow of chernobyl/call of pripyat: backburnered following the failure of clear sky, not sure when i'll get around to these

thief marathon: may or may not do this, if i do it'll start in september, if i don't, i'll probably wait until january or maybe just wait around 'til september 2012

mass effect marathon: trying to decide whether to take my current character into ME3 or start fresh

fallout 3 and fallout new vegas: next year, and certainly not next to each other
  • human revolution in august for sure- that's the game i've been waiting all year for

    fuck yes, I just hope it lives up to expectations (Bioshock was fail compared to System Shock 2).

    I also played through FF13, I actually didn't mind it. There were plenty of flaws, and it didn't "feel" like a FF game, but I hear the sequel will deal with this by ditching most of the linear-ness but keeping the (rather excellent) battle system.
    • oh right i need to give SS2 another go, see if my "it sucks now" theory holds up, thanks for reminding me

      (i still love bioshock, but BS2 blows it out of the water)
  • On my end, I've been mainly playing StarCraft II. I was playing FF IX for a while, but I got to the part where Zidane wants to go into this dungeon area all alone and he's not upped enough and so it's been kinda a stalemate.

    For a while there I was playing a lot of Super Punch-Out for the SNES. Fun times.
    • Do you play SC2, or do you fumble your way through it? Fav race? (I just got reclassed out of grandmaster, rage!)

    also how do you expect to get to max prestige in codblops before mw3 comes out if you're playing other games?!
  • i have no consoles or pc to game on for a while

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