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surgery in the house of dissection

you're probably not going to read this, but that's okay.



you're probably not going to read this, but that's okay.

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truth be told i'm tired of you.

you're not someone i know anymore, and you haven't been for some time. a good 4 years or so. what's more, you're not someone i really want to know anymore, and you kind of haven't been since you got world of warcraft. i'm not saying it's WoW's fault, though i've lost a lot of good friends who no longer talk to me because i'm not behind some poorly-modeled elf or whatever. you changed; i've recognized that for a while now, and i just haven't really had the guts to unfriend you. this last thing was enough to push me over the edge. the only reason you unfriended me first was 'cuz my internet's been out.

every time we talk it's an argument, usually over something fucking stupid. so why talk? i think you've gotten boring; your entire LJ can basically be summed up as "i'm angry about video games/life/work/family, except when i'm not." i suppose i'm guilty of the same thing, but other than wanting to punch my ISP, several members of TTLG, and michele bachmann in the face i'm not really angry like i used to be. things are going better for me. i've got a job, however temporary it may be, and i finally graduated. i hope things go better for you, too, and soon.

i have to get ready for work; i'm going to be late as it is, typing this up 'cuz i fear my internet'll die again while i'm out. point is, i kind of hate you, and i hate that i hate you. it makes me feel bad, because you used to be one of my best friends, and now you're someone else. so yeah, this friendship is over, and it's been over for quite some time. i guess now's the time to admit it.

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