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surgery in the house of dissection

when your candle burns down i'll resurrect you

hardcore litterbug
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middle of nowhere

recent graduate and apparent journalist hoping to get the hell out of this podunk town; late 20s, hard of hearing, a dude; future copy-editor with a pathological need to correct people; big PC gamer; never leaves the house without a book, because you never know when you're going to be stuck somewhere without anything to do for a while.

adrift for days

in the wake of my realization that LJ is mostly dead with regards to its original purpose (blogging!) and having been on this site before it was cool, enduring its downtimes, the invasion by myspace kids, the silly business politics of sixapart and resulting fallout, the strikeouts and wank and other assorted nonsense, after nearly 10 years of operation i've come to accept the fact that my livejournal, such as it is, is largely a mental dumping ground, full of random nonsense that's either too big or inappropriate for the newly-embraced medium of facebook (no i'm not linking you). as such if you add me don't expect a lot of content, much less content that makes sense in context.

over the coals

that being said, i do keep up on my friends list on a regular basis and i would just love it if your LJ contained at least some level of content beyond endless reposts and memes. and if you're running a fic journal, do not even think of adding me because i am so not interested. (your more generic LJ is fine.) i only really follow one community anymore, and that's fandom_secrets, and i'm only in it for the wank. (well, okay, rational discussion about shared interests is cool too.) i get trolled a lot (which is why i don't allow anonymous comments, and haven't for years) and while i can tell you right now it never does any good i seem to have amassed a decent-sized hatesquad during my time on F!S, so please note that while i can't control whatever you might have heard about me, it is perfectly possible for someone to be a nice person and an asshole at the same time and i am basically both. i have my opinions and i'm sticking to them, but i am also smart enough to know when my opinions do not meet approval when it comes to things that actually matter (i.e. if it's about video games, fuck you i don't care.) moreover, i do like and respect many individuals (they know who they are) and can be loyal to a fault. just remember, i don't necessarily hate you, i just hate what you posted. do i sound douchey? sorry. here, cry into this jar.

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1970s pop (except abba), 1970s rock, anarchism is fantasy, classic doom, cyberpunk done right, cyberpunk done wrong, dark ambient, deus ex, downtempo, fallout, fuck blizzard, fuck halo, fuck your orange soda, games with depth, long (minute+) grindcore songs, post-hardcore, post-metal, post-punk, post-rock, stalker, stalker mythos, steampunk before it sucked, steampunk done right, steampunk isn't a movement, ttlg, tupac's re-animated corpse, valve software, violently apolitical, william gibson, zombie movies, zombie sneak attack, zombies